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Personal Injury Laws in New York

Lutfy & Lutfy, P.C. believes that it is very important for clients to have a fundamental understanding of the law.  Clients must make important decisions in their Long Island auto accident claims. 

Our legal practice is devoted to bridging that gap and teaching our clients about personal injury laws in New York. 

New York City negligence laws

Several facets of New York personal injury laws impact legal strategies and settlement values.  One of the most important aspects deals with determining how your actions affected your injury:

  • Comparative negligence law—If your carelessness contributed to your injury, the amount you can recover will be reduced in proportion to your carelessness.

The comparative negligence law directly affects the compensation you are legally entitled to pursue in your claim.  

Liability rules

New York’s personal injury liability rules also play an important role in determining how much liability parties hold in a Long Island auto accident

In particular, joint and several liability rules explicitly outline the degree of liability for negligent parties once fault has been determined:

  • Anyone deemed more than 50 percent responsible for your injury is liable for all your resulting damages, regardless of whether there were other people at fault to a lesser degree.
  • Any person who is 50 percent or less at fault is responsible only for your noneconomic damages:
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Damage to your family relationships

Personal injury laws in New York are about more than whether someone is at fault.  The laws define a specific amount of fault that negligent parties are responsible for and the amount and type of damages for which they can be held liable.

Trust our law firm with your injury claim

L&L uses years of experience and training to understand how the court views the actions leading up to your auto accident and injury.  We understand the law, and help you understand how it applies to the circumstances of your car or motorcycle wreck.  Let us help you build a solid claim based on the strengths of your case.

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